How to incorporate pom poms into your interior decor

One of the best things about creating my home Instagram account for Behind Door 28 is the number of small businesses I have had the pleasure of interacting with since. I would never have found these businesses and their amazing products if it wasn’t for Instagram so there really is something to be said about the power of social media for independent business owners.

I have developed a bit of a thing for the good old pom pom in recent months, which probably started with the gladiator sandals that hit the high streets in the summer displaying poms and tassels across their straps and ties. Everywhere from Boden to DLSB to Asos was stocking sandals of that kind and I spent so long trying to pick the perfect pair that I ended up missing out on all of them because they sold out so fast.

So, when it came to buying some pretty little pom poms for my home and interior decor, I wasn’t going to be caught out by the same trap. Instagram has been the biggest source of inspiration for ideas on how to include pom poms into my interior decor.


There are so many places you can use cushions in your home: there’s the obvious sofas, armchairs and bed, right through to floor cushions, kitchen/dining chairs, snugs, window seats, occasional chairs, etc. And the cushion is the perfect platform to display some cute little pom poms. I got some gorgeous pom trimmed cushions from the lovely Judy @frenchgreylifestyle. They come in a couple of different colours and are feather filled rather than foam filled which makes them so soft and comfortable for leaning in to.

I also found some cushions with larger poms sewn onto the front face of the cushion from @maisonbyemmajane which are great for a more dramatic and textured display, but not so much for sitting on. The plan for my pom pom cushions was to use them on the sofa in the living room so I wanted them to be super comfy and therefore a trim was a better option for me. But why not try the bigger front faced pom pom cushions if you’re not planning on sitting down on them?

Blankets and Throws

To supplement the cushions, my house is full of lots of blankets and throws. At first I draped them over the back of the sofa to protect the furniture from the effect daylight can have on fading colour. This also helps to protect your paintwork if the sofa is pushed up against a wall. However, to save me having to move them and rearrange them all the time whenever I wanted to have a snuggle under the covers (!!!) I have started storing some blankets in baskets next to the sofas for me to pull out and use for warmth on a chilly winter evening.

I’ve got two pom pom trimmed blankets, one from @marksandspencer and one from @nextofficial which add warmth, cosiness and texture to the room. Evie also loves to play with the poms which is so cute.

Pom Garland

I saw these on another Instagram account where the girl in question had used simple strings of poms to hang from her daughter’s bedroom shelving and walls for texture and decoration. To be honest, they look quite easy to make yourself using materials sourced from ebay or amazon (See this blog for a DIY tutorial on how to make one with fluffy pom poms), however, for the price of a finished good you could also buy some finished pieces for more ease and speed. Try @meandmoo and @thelemonbutton for example for finished goods made from lovely firm felt pom poms, which personally I prefer to the fluffier kind. Both of these, and many more, pom pom garland makers are available to find on Etsy or Instagram just by typing in ‘pom pom garland’.

String Lights

Strictly speaking these are not ‘pom pom original’, but given that they are spherical and similar in size, style and utilisation in an interior space, I am including the string light garland to the mix.

I have been in love with @cableandcotton products for months now…another amazing Instagram find. I particularly love Cable and Cotton because you can design your own string lights by requirement: battery or plug, USB or three prong, 30 balls or 20? What colours would you like…because they have about 50 to choose from!! The choices are endless…but if choice is not your thing, don’t worry as they have standard sets available to purchase too. I would strongly recommend you check them out. Also, if you sign up to their newsletter you receive 10% off your first order…go pom pom sphere string light crazy!


What is cuter than seeing a handmade pom pom mobile hanging over your baby’s cot? And how original compared to some of the ‘normal’ products you can buy off of the shop shelf in the high street! Once again Instagram has inspired me and I will definitely be buying a pom pom mobile for the next baby’s bedroom, whenever that may come along. I wish I had seen them before Evie was born…although we did make a home-made mobile for Evie with non-other than pom pom trimming on it, so I can’t complain too bitterly 😊 I think the range of colours, sixes and textures of a pom pom mobile would be fantastic for baby’s sensory development.

Try @myprettylittlenursery for a UK based manufacturer, however pom pom mobiles are the hand-crafted beauties of New Zealand and Australia mainly so you may need to consider a more far-reaching location if this is something you want to have lots of choice in.


Other fantastic little finds for pom pom accessories for the home include:

  • Pom pom trimmed baskets: amazing for storage solutions, especially if hung from a hook or shelf in your hallway (see @roseandgreyinteriors online shop via their gorgeous Instagram feed)
  • Pom pom rugs: yes, you read that right…head over to Pinterest for some DIY examples on how to make a little pom pom rug to step onto in the morning when you get out of bed…cozy!
  • Pom pom trim placemats and table runners: these are so easy to do yourself by buying some simple fabric placemats and pom pom trim from a haberdashery store and running the trim along the edge of your mats. No sewing machine or advanced sewing skill necessary!
  • Pom pom wreath: in time for Christmas coming up, why not adorn your traditional Christmas door wreath with some additional pom poms, or better yet go completely new and have something different that your neighbours will really take notice of?

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