How to hang THAT mirror from The Range

I think what the title of this post should be is ‘how to hang THAT mirror from The Range (you know, that ginormous ridiculously heavy one?!) when you have crappy plasterboard walls’ but that seemed too long to be reasonable!

I’m sure any interior junkie will know exactly what mirror I am talking about, but, in case you don’t follow every interiors account worth following on Instagram, then basically I am referring to a large arched window mirror from The Range home shop made from ivory painted metal, see pic below…

The Range Mirror
Ivory Metal Window Mirror from The Range

Hanging this mirror is no small task…it measures 115cm (h) by 85cm (w), and weighs in at a whopping 12kg (roughly…I used my bathroom scales to weigh it and I tell myself every day that they are wrong. VERY WRONG. VERY REGULARLY.) Not only that, but it wasn’t until I actually went to hang it yesterday that I realised there is only one fixation point on the back of the mirror, in the middle at the very top of the arch. Yes, my friends, you read that right, ONE fixation point for this humungous 12kg metal mirror.

So, how did I do it? I’m not going to lie, the final hanging of above gigantuan mirror was only achieved after multiple mega bitch fits, documented through the whatsapp videos I sent my other half during the ordeal for him to view while he sat relaxing round a table at his friend’s house playing games and having lots of fun and banter. I say that as if I was annoyed at him for not being there to help me during my crisis, and yes, I was. However I would have been equally annoyed if he was actually at home to offer a hand because the feminist sirens would have been alerting inside my brain complaining about how having ovaries does not mean I am incapable of hanging a mirror on my own. Even though this is no ordinary mirror. Irrational? Maybe. The point is, I did it. I hung that mirror with zero assistance from anyone except the inner sane not-pregnant version of me who was responsible for ensuring I didn’t fling the hunk of junk down the stairs mid bitch fit number 3.

So, I repeat, how did I do it?

First of all, ignore your boyfriend’s advice to hang it from hooks/fixings/nails fitted into the studs of the wall and trust your own instinct. Honestly, he even went to the extent of buying a stud finder. I used the stud finder to find the studs, mark my points for fixings, and then tried to drill in to said stud and the below happened…


Go back to your own plan, which was pretty flawless to begin with and just stick to that. If you don’t you will end up with multiple unnecessary holes in your wall. Trust me. My plan was to use the surface of a chest/shelf below the mirror to help support the weight and to use the wall plugs and wall fixings to offer additional support and balance. Perfect plan. So I have the IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet for our hallway, but any chest of drawers or shelf, as long as it is anchored to the wall with the help of some plugs and screws, would work just fine.

Measure from the bottom of the mirror to the bottom of the horizontal bar running along the back of the mirror. It measured 57cm exactly on mine so I’m guessing will be the same on yours. Then measure from the top surface of your chest/shelf 57cm up the wall and make a mark. I did this twice, about 30cm to each side of centre. But if you wanted to be extra careful, you could do it 3 times: centre, 30cm to the left and 30cm to the right.

Measuring the height of the fixing points
The fixings needed to go 57cm on the wall

Use an 8mm drill bit to drill a pilot hole into the plasterboard where you’ve made your marks. If you have different colours of drill bit, use the black ones, they’re the strongest.

Buy some heavy duty plasterboard wall plugs. These are kind of like big fat wall plugs with wings on the side of them. Once they are in place the wings “spread out” on the back of the plasterboard wall to stop the plug ever slipping out. Hammer these wall plugs into the pilot holes you’ve made with the 8mm drill bit.

Heavy Duty Plasterboard Wall Plugs
Heavy Duty Plasterboard Wall Plugs

I used 5mm screws and screwed them in to the wall plugs. The screws were the same length as the wall plugs so that when I screwed them in they didn’t quite go all the way and had about 5mm left sticking out from the plug. Then I hung my mirror by hanging the horizontal bar on the back of the mirror on to the two screws and resting the base of the mirror on the shelf of the Hemnes chest.

The Range Mirror on Hemnes Cabinet
The Range mirror rests on the Hemnes shelf

Ta daaaaaa! Owned it. #gettingmydrillon

You’re going to need to ignore the decor in these pictures. Clearly it’s not of my own design. I had ripped a squinty dado rail off the wall earlier that day to discover a lovely glue-stained blue stripe underneath.



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